Introducing the Risen Drums vintage Standard Kit

Starting at $25200

R  D  V  S

We are proud to introduce the Risen Drums Vintage Standard Kit. The first in an upcoming line of standard kits from RD, the Vintage Standard offers the quality and aesthetic Risen Drums is known for, at aN AFFORDABLE price-point. Available in two size configurations, the RDVS features our Vintage Mahogany shell in YOUR CHOICE OF SATIN FINISH OR WRAP. Topped off with our BEAVERTAIL LUGS a, the Vintage Standard is sure to set you apart from the rest.

Size Configurations

22×14, 12×8, 16×15

24×16, 13×8, 16×16


At the foundation of the Vintage Standard is our popular Vintage Mahogany shell. These shells are made like the classic kits of the 50s and 60s - Inside and outside plies of mahogany with a poplar core. Consistent with vintage kits, we added 6-ply maple reinforcement hoops and applied our roundover bearing edge to achieve that highly sought-after fat, round tone. The final touch is our original Sonic Venting System, known for giving our custom kits their smooth, consistent sound.


The Vintage Standard is Built with the same quality hardware used on all of our custom drums. Giving you the classic RD aesthetic, our Proprietary Risen lugs feature single-point attachment, meaning less interference with the shell's natural resonance. Chrome Triple flange hoops round out the RDVS and All rack toms will include your choice of Rims mount or Flex Frame.


As lovers of the natural beauty of mahogany, we decided to give the RDVS a natural satin finish to compliment each kit's unique grain pattern. All stains for the Vintage Standard line are hand-mixed by the same craftsmen who build our custom drums, meaning you receive the same quality finish as our top artists. Being a custom shop, we wanted to offer some customizable options, so it's up to you to choose either light or dark kick drum hoops. Inlay options will not be available for the RDVS.


If you would like to expand your Vintage Standard from a 3-piece to a 4-piece, we offer two floor tom options. **Do to the nature of our staining process, we recommend including your add-on with your original purchase, so that all the drums can be stained together. If you buy a kit now and an add-on later, we cannot guarantee an exact color match.

14×14 Floor tom // $500
18×16 Floor tom // $600


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