Risen Drums has been building custom drums out of minneapolis since 1998. We are passionate about drums and people.  this is what motivates our craft. Assembly lines do not exist here.  each drum is manufactured by hand every time, ensuring no detail is overlooked. This dedication has generated a wealth of knowledge and experience collaborating with and assisting professional drummers in the music industry.


Welcome to the ground floor of drum tone

 A drum shell is the framework of a drum kit; the bones and canvas at the same time. When striking a drumhead, sound waves will react according to the composition of the shell. Your shell is a primary component in establishing your sound.

Shell Options: 
MAple  |  Mahogany  |  Birch  |  Stave  |  Brass  |  COPPER
Steel  |  Aluminum  |  Acrylic  |  Hybrid  |  Other*

Bearing Edges

The smallest surface makes the biggest difference

The bearing edge is the contact point between your drum shell and drum head.  This area has everything to do with your drum's voice.  This aspect of drum building requires immense detail and precision. We utilize our own method of cutting edges based on our experience both as players and builders.

Bearing Edge Options: 
Double 45°  |  Roundover  |  30°  |  Single 45°  |   VINTAGE ROUNDED  |


Where function and style converge

Lugs are a way for your drums to stand out visually as well as functionally.  At Risen Drums we have designed and manufactured our own Signature Lug to serve both these purposes. The RD lug is created out of aluminum, lowering the weight of the drum drastically. This lightweight design paired with our single point of contact to the shell allows the drum to Resonate more naturally, giving you more tone and tune-ability. 

Lug Options: 
Risen  |  Tube  |  Beavertail  |  Other*



The final element of tone and style

Hoops are the last piece of the puzzle when it comes to both how your drum can perform and it's aesthetic appeal. Choosing between something that can soften your drum tone (like wood) or strengthen it (like diecast) will greatly affect your drums' sound - as well as make them stand out.

Hoop Options: 
Triple Flange  |  Single Flange  |  Diecast  |  Wood Hoops  |  Other*

Sonic Venting System

The science of how drums breathe

All drums need to allow air to escape and each type of drum needs to do this in a specific way. The amount of air leaving through a vent hole controls your drum sound. After studying the way air moves inside a drum after being hit, we have constructed our own method of venting drums in order to allow them to perform to their full potential; we call this the Sonic Venting System. We vent all of our drums using this method and it is a primary factor in what defines the Risen Drums sound.

*Custom vent holes are available upon request


Sound Worth Seeing

Finish is one of the most customizable parts of a drum. Here are a few starting points when choosing your finish:

Satin: Our satin finish is a one-color stain applied by hand to the shells,  allowing the wood grain to show through. A satin finish is a timeless, mature and classy look.

Hi Gloss: The hi gloss finish is any stained or painted finish that is buffed to become shiny. The sky is the limit here. With this option you can include fades, bursts, stripes or solids. You can add a logo, name or even your band's album art - anything is possible. 

Wrap: The wrap finish is the most durable available. It's the perfect finish for the touring player who values excellent sound, design and durability to withstand the brutality the road can dish out. Wrap kits mostly consist of the basic sparkles and glass glitters but can also include many pearl or oyster finishes as well. We can wrap stripes, patterns or anything else you can dream of.

Color Options: All colors are mixed in our shop. This means that any color, any shade is possible. We can either color match or work with you to create a unique custom color. The possibilities are endless and each new order means a new batch of stain or paint. One more step to assure your kit is as custom and one-of-a-kind as possible.